iOS 7 revealed . . . a review on features.

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As recently there was a big release of iOS 7, so we thought of providing a good review on it. We check out the features and have mentioned them in detail. Have a look:

Apple - iOS 7

Apple – iOS 7

Apple unveiled its biggest change to its operating system on the iPhone.

The operating system has been given a radical visual overhaul, described as the “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone,” by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

As Apple kicked off its annual conference in San Francisco for its developers, the executive gave a detailed comprehensive explanation on all the new features in the new operating system.

The key features on iOS 7 are:
Notifications Centre: The notifications panel isn’t laced with dark grey linen anymore, but actually has a very flat look to it...

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Guide to purchase a SmartPhone

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This is something, which we were planning to start from long, and today finally we started to post about the mobile technology. Yesterday on 10/06/2013 , iOs 7 is revealed. Apple has got new and exciting features with a cool layout. But we are starting off with iOs 6 and the devices which support it. Also, we have focused on the famous rivalry between Android & iOs. I hope you will like it.

If you’re looking to buy a smartphone or tablet in the next few months, we’ve got great news: you can choose an iPad or a Nexus 7, an iPhone or an Android phone, and it’ll be amazing. These are all miracle-devices, capable of stuff that even ten years ago we could hardly imagine a phone or portable computer doing...

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Importance of 3rd party website reviews (citations) and X tips on how to get quality citations.

Everyone is aware of Google & its services. Google has covered every dimension of internet. From promoting business to the reviews, all are covered by Google. Google Advertising has also become a important tool for small business to get promoted. Google keeps adding services for business to grow & promote. The recent addition to it was Google Places. Here any type of business can register with their address, & thereby can be located in the area if anyone in the world uses Google maps. For this, they need to get listed in Google Places listing. The growth in business directly depends on the reviews that you have, either on the Google places, or any third party website.

Customer Reviews are crucial to the local rankings and success in the Google Places...

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“Tips to using the right product/location keywords within your listings”

Do you have an idea of how many of your customers have found you on Google Local Places? If yes then how many of them may directly contacted you or make a good business relationship with you.  No, definitely not.  Because most of the people are not aware about using the right products or location keywords within the listings. That’s why they are not getting the right customers which they deserve.

Google places Listings focuses on proper keywords or products which best specifies your websites and to get easy findable by the users on Google Maps. All the information on Google maps should be correctly filled even if it is not required. Must have a good approach while setting up or editing your Google Places Profile...

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Tips to handle negative customer Google reviews.

Negative review

Negative reviews about a small or start-up business can take sleeps out of the owners. The people who don’t deal with Google market place, or internet marketing usually get afraid that how to deal with negative reviews. It is not always true that the negative reviews are given by the customer, even the competitors pay people to post negative reviews. But negative reviews will bring a negative effect on any new customer, so they are never good. In this article some tips are given, by which you can handle the negative reviews.

Negative reviews are also usual, even if you provide good services to client. They are genuine reviews which helps us to get feedback. So the Ethical reviews help us grow. But sometimes the rivals put negative reviews, to increase their trust over customer...

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Tips to quickly asses how your competition is ranking higher than you on Google places.

Google Places is one of the Google services that show the location of a business on the Google maps. For this, the address with the business name must be submitted to Google places, along with the permission to display it world-wide. This type of submission is termed as Google places listing submission. It acts as providing the live advertisement on Google maps.

As Google is a big brand & it start displaying every submission, good or bad, then think how many people are going to use this service, when they are not going to get the good results from this. For this Google displays only those address on maps, which have good reviews, so in this way only the consistent data is displayed. It is good for promoting the local business, as all the people are tech-savvy, so they prefer to check the l...

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Finally our Tech Blog is up.

Hello Friends,

Our blog is finally up and we are planning to provide updates on several things. The major points of concerns will be as under:

  • Technology Update (including Hardware, Software and Web Apps)
  • SEO Updates (including updates from google, Bing and other search engines)
  • Google Tools (like Webmaster, Analytics, Maps, Places etc)
  • Informative (Tips for SDLC, SERP, SEO, SMM, etc)

We hope you will appreciate our efforts to bring things functional and will guide us through your valuable suggestions, to help us to provide quality stuff. If you have some updates, then share them with us, and we will post it.

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